Clifton Road

“We appreciated Martyn's enthusiasm and attention to detail at every stage, from drawing up the initial plans to helping choose the light fittings at the end. We have ended up with a truly original home which we appreciate more and more the longer we live in it. "

Stephen Moller & Rachael Beaumont


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It wasnt within the initial brief but the siting of this property on a hill and its relationship to the neighbouring properties presented an opportunity for considerable space gain. Clearly, this only makes sense if it can be made affordable and can be reflected in the end value of the property. With the creation of a large basement and kitchen/diner, the property grew in size from 2,300 sq ft to 3,400 sq ft. In the basement, we created a home cinema suite, a steam room, and large utility room. To the rear, and again due to the siting on the hill, we created a cavernous kitchen/diner space measuring 10 m x 6.5 m and 3.6 m at its highest point. A complete renovation of the entire building fabric both internally and externally was undertaken along with extensive hard and soft landscaping to both front and rear gardens.

Crouch End N8

Completed 2013

Contract duration 44 weeks

Refurbishment, Basement, Conservation, Extension, Garden