Oakley Road


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The clients came with an eclectic Pinterest board of ideas and were keen to work with the period features of their locally listed property but happy to reinvent the space at the lower ground floor level. Therefore the major work took place here. The property was extended into the small existing garden and dug down to achieve a floor to ceiling height in proportion to the enlarged space created. 

Painted brickwork was painstakingly stripped back with a chemical wash to reveal the original finish and sections of new exposed brickwork built to match. Polished concrete was used throughout the lower level including a bench along the flank wall and externally for the patio. A simple timber stair sprayed white formed the transition between the traditional and contemporary parts of the house. 

The brief was to exploit every inch of space, therefore, the kids' bedrooms were placed within the ‘butterfly’ roof with sleeping decks and space for desks, wardrobes, and sleepovers below. 

Islington N1

Completed 2015

Contract duration 26 weeks

Extension, Conservation, Refurbishment